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Fuzzy's Radiator Shop was established in Borger, Texas during the oil boom days of 1926 by a man named Fuzzy Whitlock. In 1940, Doc Johnson bought the shop from Fuzzy and nine years later Kenneth Jones went to work for Doc for about six months until he joined the Navy. After a three year tour of duty in Korea, he returned to Borger. In 1956, with a $2,000 loan from his father-in-law, Kennth purchased Fuzzy's from Doc Johnson. Kennth ran the shop until 1982. At that point, Kennth's son, Alan, a recent college graduate began managing the shop with three employees. In 1985, Alan purchased the shop from his father and with his eye on the future, thus began a new era for Fuzzy's Radiator. A year later, Kenneth returns to head up the sales department and now father-and-son began building a full-scale manufacturing operation. Today, Fuzzy's employs 60 people with 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Through their innovative design, they have transformed a small radiator company, with humble beginnings, into a large manufacturing plant with national and international clients.

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