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Stew Moss is the most talented finger-picked style guitar player that you could ever hope to hear. "Blue Stew" Moss couples his guitar picking with an awesome mastery of the harmonica, mandolin, didlio-bo, and with an incredible instrument, a Farmer foot drum with so many percussion instruments at the heels and toes of Stew that you would swear a drum line was marching by! This amazing one-man-band experience is crowned by soulful blues vocals that range from burlap rhaspy to smooth as silk. Leaving no detail left unchecked, Stew appears in immaculate classic blues barb, from the black and white wing tip shoes to the iconic black felt hat that can take you to another time and place. If ever you have the chance to see Stew Moss live, jump at the chance, you will thank yourself later. If you can't make it to a live Stew Moss appearance, don't despair. Stew is currently accepting commissions for events and private parties.

Stew was commissioned to write and perform some custom songs just for Fuzzy's Radiator.

Click the links below and enjoy.

Track01.Wav  BTU Blues

Track02.Wav  Bigger in Texas

Track03.Wav  Get on Down to Fuzzys

Watch how we do it. (Video)

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Fuzzy's Custom Music